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Summit Sincerity Global is a premier, leading and flourishing global distributor and supplier of high quality computer components, peripherals, consumer electronics based in Hong Kong. Within our sectors, we pride ourselves by providing our worldwide customers the most comprehensive range of products, the innovative next-generation technologies, astute retail support initiatives and extensive product knowledge. With our comprehensive range of products and the ironic status in the wholesale distributing market, Summit Sincerity Global proceeds to be prominent and crucial among the distributor crowd. Summit Sincerity Global proudly distributes products from major global brands that share our mantras for stringent reliability and quality. We always strive for helping our suppliers and brands to maximize the market potential in the industry. At this truly challenging and exciting trading time, we are incredibly proud to have a clear vision and strategy for the future, and keep finding new ways to add value and crave for more. We are committed to minimizing its direct impact on the environment and integrating flawless practice into all our business operations. We are proud to be a well-respected employer at the heart of the life of the city, allowing us to meet our customers’ needs in a well-organized and efficient environment. As a value led distributor and supplier, we understand sharing information about our support of local and international initiatives and collaboration with others nurtures a better future.

Why Choose UsSummit Sincerity Global Limited

As an innovative and value added worldwide distributor of computing products, Summit Sincerity Global aims at serving local, as well as global enterprises in maintaining their competitive business advantages and expanding their influences in the fast growing digital industry.

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Products Division

Computing Division

To help our customers in fostering and adding their adaptive capabilities in the new digital era.

Summit Sincerity Global distributes a broad range of computing products such as Memory Modules, Flash Memory Products, SSDs, CPUs, HHDs, CPU Coolers and many other computer peripherals.

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Consumer Electronics Division

To supply the most innovative products and incomparable services that can achieve maximum success for our customers

Summit Sincerity Global has established a reputation for being one of the city’s top-tier consumer electronics suppliers.

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For You, We Promise Be one step further

Summit Sincerity Global is determined not to stand still, but to positively lead our customers during every single step to achieve substantial success. We thrive on providing the outstanding and diverse services to our customers in order to keep ahead of our peers.

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